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Monday, 21 January 2013

{ DIY } 'Put Your Ass in the Air' workout with SNSD!

C'mon, face it. The holidays were fun, but with all the BBQ and icecream (or hot cocao for those of you who have white Decembers) we've put on some extra weight. Perhaps it's not even that noticeable, but you can see it. That's all that matters. Looking good is not for the sake of being pretty for others, but being acceptable for yourself.

Everyone is unique. That's why we can't all look the same and achieve the same body type. However, we can work towards the ideal body proportions and ratios!

Today we'll be focusing on your waist and thighs. The ideal proportion/ratio for a lady's middle is 0.7 when the size of your waist is divided by the size of your hips. Jessica does this test in the following video: 21/30=0.7
The ideal thigh:calve:ankle ratio is 5:3:2!

With that said, let's see how Girls' Generation (SNSD) deals with the body toning nightmare!

Hope this post is informative and I hope you all achieve great success with the SNSD workout!
Good luck, everyone! And let me know if these workouts did it for you?

Love ya! kthxbai~