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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Sasa.com broke my heart...

Dear friends,

Sasa.com seemed like a great website! They offer all the Asian cosmetic and skincare products that I ever thought of trying! Brilliant website layout and plenty positive reviews on the products and delivery system. They also give you a free tracking number - cool, isn't it?

No, Sasa broke my heart. Why? The shipping fees were more than the actual products and the website didn't even allow me to select the Standard Shipping option! Despite the shipping fees, I swallowed hard and proceeded anyway - it was the only place I am going to find the Sasatinnie Facial Cleansing brushes that promised such great results.

Upon arrival, however, I had to pay another R200 ($22) for import taxes. Hey, do you know how awesome eBay sellers are? They ship it for free + they ship it as a gift! In other words, the buyer doesn't have to pay taxes! How smart is that? I guess Sasa is lacking some common sense in that department...

All in all, I'm very disappointed and won't order from sasa.com ever again! 

So, yeah, that was my day. I'm done ranting now. Whew~


Eva Lian said...

oh no! You should have waited for a $19/$29 free shipping event! >< you spend the required amount of money and they ship for free. They do have them frequently a few times a month as well ^_^