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Sponsors & Business

I have no sponsors yet...

All sponsored products will give credit to the sponsors and promote their site and social media accounts. Every sponsored product will be reviewed in complete honesty (unaffected by anything) and covering all areas - unless stated that it is a paid advertorial. Sponsors are required to send the product(s) via air-mail and as a gift in order to avoid taxes and high shipping fees.
There are 3 types of sponsors~

1. Temporary Sponsors:
Sponsors could send me product(s) to review. The sponsor could chose the product(s) for me or I could pick one myself. Sponsors could give a discount code/coupon for readers. Minimum contract is not required.

2. Contract Sponsors:
Sponsors could send send me product(s) to review each month (at least one a month). Product(s) can be chosen for me or I could pick them out by myself. Minimum contract is 3 months. ONLY contract sponsors' logo/banner will be put on the blog's sidebar.

3. Giveaway Sponsors:
Sponsors could send me giveaway product(s) to host a local or international giveaway. Sponsors may make a banner for the giveaway or I could make it myself. I will put up the giveaway banner on the sidebar while the giveaway is valid/running. Instructions on how to enter may include following sponsors' social media accounts.

If you have any other business inquiries, please contact me via email at gothiquebutterfly@gmail.com
Thank you!