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Saturday, 9 February 2013

First Blog Giveaway: Mini Valentine's Giveaway!

Hey, my sweet and squishy marshmellows!(●´∀`)ノ♡

It's giveaway time! Welcome to my first bloggie giveaway! It's just a little something to thank you, my lovely readers, for supporting me and inspiring me. And also, of course, for those girls out there who are excited about Valentine's Day and want to look super pretty as well as those who are celebrating Single Awareness day! Just know, I love you all! ヽ(愛´∀`愛)ノ

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Unfortunately this giveaway is domestic, unless you are wiling to help with the shipping fees. Sorry!
Update: Depending on the shipping fees, this giveaway is now international.

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The Prizes:
> Ralo Cosmetics eyeshadow quin Bright Colours: Blue, Lime, Orange, Red, Pinkypurple

> Ralo Cosmetics Matte Single eyeshadow: Cream - perfect for those inner-corner highlighting!

> Ralo Cosmetics Sorbet nail polish: Lilac, Blue, Mint, Pink and/or Yellow. (You'll recieve two of your choice)


> A Surprise item! It might be a cute handmade bow or a fruity lip gloss~ Who knows what I feel like throwing in there! 【・ヘ・?】

This giveaway is, unfortunately, domestic (only available for people residing in South Africa) unless you are prepared to help me with the shipping fees! (depending if it's a whole lot or not...)
Much love~


Farthingale McKay said...

For me, within the sorbet nail polishes, I most like pink and mint, as they remind me of my beloved Sunny bunny! http://forums.allkpop.com/attachments/image-jpg.53806

dolljjang ♥ said...

favorite sorbet nail polish: lilac and mint, the perfect color combo from my favorite lolita clothing brand "baby the star shines bright". :)

and I spent my valentine day in a sad way! hahaha I had a fight with my BF that day and canceled everything, dinner, movies, etc T___T

Eva Lian said...

My 2 favourite are probably the mint and lilac ^_^ they're just really soft and pretty

mie-arsi.blogspot.com said...

my fave sorbet nail polish is pink and lilac bcoz i like soft colours :)
thanks for your giveaway