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Sunday, 13 January 2013

{ diary } New Gaia Avi Art by Nerumu

Hi, guise!

So, I paid 600k gaia gold to have my Gaiaonline avatar drawn as a cute chibi and this is what it came out as! *so cute*

Would you like some too? You can find Nerumu here <- clicky! It's a link to her Dev account.

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend! Good luck to the students who start school on Monday again and ongoing good luck to those who have already started! I'd love to hear what your school is like if you have time to tell me! <3
As for me, I'll be registering to University Stellenbosch tomorrow. *excited, but scared*

Have a great week, everyone! And don't forget about my Wednesday surprise post!


Ed said...

This is pretty good, well worth the gold :P