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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

{ K-Beauty } 4minute Reveals thier Secrets!

Happy Wednesday, my angels!

Everyone knows Hyuna! She's the gorgeous girl in PSY's Gangnam Style - you can't miss her! I know many of us are envious of her appearance (at least I know I am), so here are Hyuna and the rest of 4minute's beauty secrets! Enjoy~

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The girls of 4Minute talked about their fashion and beauty tips. Each member revealed the contents of their bags and beauty routines that help maintain their body and complexion. Each member has various traits they are proud of, as well as some they define as undesirable complexes.

Leopard printed shoulder bag – contains an MCM wallet, patches, a bottle of Ariul cleansing water, a toothbrush, toothpaste, a diary, a pocket book to learn Japanese, a mirror(fan-gift), vitamins, an iPod, a Mandarina Duck perfume, a Cho Sungah Luna foundation, a Jennifer Lopez perfume, and Shin Kyungsook’s novel “Yi Jin 2″
Of all the members, Jihyun is best known for her fine complexion and porcelain skin. She was born with smooth skin without pores. Regarding her skin, Jihyun said, “I have to thank my parents. I don’t wear make-up inherently. I try to drink a lot of water. Sometimes, the water is up to my throat, but I drink again anyway. It’s for my complexion.”
Although Jihyun has a desirable complexion, she says that she has crow’s feet (wrinkles at the corner of her eye). “I eye smile a lot because my eyes are like half-moons. I’m getting crow’s feet because of this so I never let go of water bottles.”
Jihyun can also boast of her long, thin arms and legs, which allow her to look good in almost anything she wears. Her fellow members said, “There have been many times we thought “Jihyun has a celebrity’s body.” Thanks to her slender legs, whatever she wears, it really suits her.”

MCM black shoulder bag – contains medicine for inflammations, a mirror (a fan’s gift), Propolis candies, patches (she uses them to reduce leg swelling), a toothbrush, toothpaste, a Dior perfume, a lip balm, and an iPod
Gayoon is known for her legs. Even the netizens nicknamed her slender ankles “nano ankles.” The members expressed, “Among us, nobody has beautiful legs like her. Also, her curves are the best,” and “She was gifted thin bones and her body is really slender and glamorous. She has exactly a celebrity’s body.”
However, Gayoon expresses her complexes. She said, “My hands and feet are so small that I’m embarrassed of them. My feet size is 210mm. When I buy sneakers, I have to get them at the kids’ department. High heels are also so large that I have to put several insoles inside so I can wear them. It’s hard for me to keep my balance and stand straight up.”
Among the members, she’s the most susceptible to fashion trends and brands. She likes limited edition items that bring out her personality. She has a thing for splashed colors and designs.


Marc by Marc Jacobs black shoulder bag – contains an Armani perfume, a Ralph Lauren perfume, a doll, 3 bottles of lemon juice, a diary, Propolis candies, Vital Power Vitamins, a printed copy of a university document, Skinfood ball powders, a Samsung Galaxy S, and a mirror (gift from a fan)
Jiyoon’s trademark is her “sharp collarbones.” Her collarbones clearly stand out, and when she wears off-shoulder clothes, her shoulder line is the most prominent among the members’. Also, one of her charming points is her robust and muscular body that she has built since she was young by practicing athletics, swimming, kendo, and more. On the topic, Hyuna said, “Jiyoon unnie’s body is fat-less. Her whole body is firmly toned.”
Lately, Jiyoon has used a lemon detox to take care of her skin. She pours lemon juice, honey, and peppermint in water, adds and adjusts maple syrup to her taste, and drinks it. Jiyoon explained that it was good to take care of one’s skin and to do a diet too. Jiyoon, with her beautiful collarbones, has one complex: her big feet. Her shoe size is 245mm, so her feet are large and she wants to have a larger choice of shoewear.

W Dressroom Black & White shoulder bag – contains a pink MCM wallet, dr. dre earphones, a Lanvin perfume, a Benefit lip tint, a Maybelline lip balm, a toothbrush, a toothpaste, patches, a cellphone battery, an iPod touch, a relaxant for pain and inflammation (Drill lozenges), and SAVEX lip gloss
Kim Hyunah’s nickname is “active Hyunah.” Wherever she goes, she’s “active;” she bounces back and forth she can’t stay still and sit for a moment. If there’s time before the show starts recording, she goes to a convenience store in the surroundings of the TV network’s building and feels satisfied buying something, even if it’s only one lip-gloss. As a result of her walking around, she is the member who doesn’t have difficulty losing weight.
Hyuna’s strong point, that which the other members are the most envious of, is that even if she eats a lot, she won’t gain weight. When she eats a lot, she also exercises a corresponding amount as well. Also, her milky white skin is something Hyuna can’t help but to be proud of. On the topic, the members expressed, “We’re amazed at how a person’s skin can be that flawlessly white.”
As she has a personality to go “all in” for something once she has focused on it, if she likes a brand, she gets everything from it. “I really like W Dressroom. When I heard that the new collection was out, I went right there and got everything. When I was really into sneakers I bought 3 pairs of the same Nike model. Lately, I’m only seen wearing long floral print skirts.”


Joseph & Stacey backpack – contains an MCM wallet, a Naraya pouch, a toothbrush, a toothpaste, balloons (she uses them for respiration and vocalization exercises), a fan letter, a pencil case, a Dior lipgloss, a Cho Sungah Luna lip tint, an Anna Sui perfume, an iPod touch, a Simpson character notebook, and an aromatic scent
The youngest member Sohyun is in charge of 4minute’s “S-line.” Gayoon asserted, “The line that goes from her hips is really fantastic. In fact, when you see her from her profile, her S-line appears.” She doesn’t have an inch of belly fat, so when her hips are up, it really shows her S-line.
Sohyun is currently a sophomore at Pungmoon Girl’s Highschool. She is still a teenager that enjoys wearing a pair of jeans and sneakers. She even came to the interview with her school bag on. She doesn’t have a favorite clothes brand but, like Hyunah, she has lately became a regular W Dressroom shopper. With an height of 162cm, being the group’s shortest member is one of her complexes. “As I’m still 17, I haven’t stopped growing. I think I’d be really glad if I gained 2~3 cm but it seems it won’t be that easy. Should I drink a lot of milk?”
Even if she casually didn’t diet prior to their comeback, she naturally lost weight. “Even though I eat a lot, ahead of our comeback, when I looked at the outfits, my appetite would lessen. If I think about wearing the outfits, I won’t crave food.”
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Taken from: Koreaboo

I'm going to follow Jiyoon's example and drink a lot of lemon and mint water!
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