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Monday, 10 December 2012

[REVIEW] Blogs and Youtube channels I recommend!

Hi~!! Great to see you guise again!

So here are my recommendations as promised.

First up is Bubbi! A beautiful, bubbly, bubbi-ful girl of 26 (I think - if so, she looks hella young! *jealous*) living in Hong Kong (I think, again)...

A snippet of her About section:

What is Bubzbeauty.com about?
Bubzbeauty.com is simply a happy place for you to relax and enjoy. It is filled with thoughts & feelings of a simple everyday girl. In this site, I share my interests in Beauty, Hair & Fashion. I am no expert in the beauty, hair or fashion industry. I am just your everyday girl who is willing to try and willing to learn with a passionate interest within these fields. This site is an expansion from my Youtube channel as a Thank You to my subscribers so I can update more often instead of only by YouTube videos. I hope this website will be helpful in terms of inspiration and learning or even as a boredom buster ^_^

I love her blog and videos! Why? Because she is random and makes even her tweets funny and entertaining! Obtaining knowledge about skincare, relationships, etc. has never been so much fun! A bonus is that her videos are VERY informative, organized and correct. Bubbi's blog is truly a treasure find! She is also a very good artist! ;D

Here's the linky~ http://bubzbeauty.com/

Next up is Tim, the Asian with a British accent! He doesn't have a blog, but his videos are informative, inspiring and motivating. He has the ability to look through your screen in such a way to make it seem as if he is really there, staring deeply into your eyes while talking to you as if you were his real life friend for whom he cares bucket loads for! Really amazing! He usually handles topics like relationships, insecurities and other completely random stuff.

A snippet of what he says about himself:

About Waddup My Fellow Yellow?