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Friday, 21 December 2012

{ review } Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack

Hi, my lovelies!

I'm reblogging a post that I made back when I was going to participate in a beauty blog collaboration with a friend I don't see at all anymore. : /
So here it is! This is my take on the Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack. In all honesty, I miss this product so much! I still have the packaging (because it's too cute to throw away) and I keep my DIY concoctions in there. tehehee

I wish I still had more, because my skin really needs the extra hydration and this soothing gel-like sleeping pack was amazing!

JS Collaboration: Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack review:

Hi and welcome to my very first product review! Since it's my first, please bear with me?

Finally, I’m going to review my first eBay haul! *cheers*
The first product I’m going to review is the Baviphat Apple AC Therapy sleeping pack. I bought it from Makozzang on eBay and the seller was kind enough to include some samples too.

What I like about this product~
The packaging is unforgivably adorable!
It has a potent sweet apple smell, but it fades after you apply it.
It has a jelly, watery texture and is very light (and fun to apply)!
It dries real quick ad isn’t sticky so it doesn’t pick up dirt or stick to your hair and your pillow while you sleep.
My eyes don't get irritated when I apply the product close to them.
Because of the little spoon, using the product is hygienic.
It really does improve discoloration and gently removes dead skin, but...
What I don’t like about it~
As said before, it does help with removing the appearance of scars and dark spots, but it takes quite a while for that to happen. Perhaps I’m just impatient?
It doesn’t really hydrate my skin.
Repurchase? If I don't find something better, definitely!
Ranking? 4 out of 5 (-1 because Jello knows no patience!)

Hope this post was helpful!

PS. Sorry about the lighting in some of the photos... The clouds blocked out my sun!


Back then, I signed my posts off with the nickname Jello. Some people still call me by that nickname hehe

Anyhow, I hope this noob review was worth the read. This sleeping pack was the first Korean product I used and it got me addicted to gel-like skincare products that no one around here ever thought of using. xD