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Thursday, 20 December 2012

{ DIY } Hydrating mask final verdict

Hi, guise!

Remember that DIY mask of avo, banana and olive oil that Bubz got us into (here)? I know I said I was going to test it out for 2 weeks, but my supply finished and there's no more avo in the house for me to sneak away.

However, the good news is it did help my skin! It smelled sooo yummy with the sweet banana and tasted good too... No, I didn't eat all of it - only a little bit. tehehee

My skin improved a lot - it became more plump and hydrated, and less flaky and tight.

Since I can't make the mask anymore, I use the olive oil (bought at a pharmacy, it's not the cooking version) as a cleansing oil to remove my makeup in the evenings and then as a serum as well. Come to think of it, massaging it into your skin would make it a massage pack too, right? Then, I believe it's safe to say that virgin olive oil is a multipurpose oil. hahaha xD

How did you experience this DIY mask? c: