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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

[DIY] Skin moisturizing Saver!

Hi everyone~

I'm so happy to see y'all again! This is my first beauty review thingy for this blog! ^^

So, with the approaching summer our skin becomes dehydrated more quickly than usual. My skin started to flake on my nose, cheeks, forehead and chin. Wait, isn't that everywhere? *facepalm*

 Dry skin make you look like a monster! Aahhh~~

I couldn't wait for my paypal to get fixed so I can purchase Hada Labo's promising super hydrating care, so I took Lindy's advice at bubzbeauty.com. Here is her how-to video:

Bubz, if you ever stumble upon my silly little blog, thank you for all your great advice! You. Are. Awesome! ♡

So, in the video, Bubz takes an avocado, a banana and two teaspoons of virgin olive oil, and mashes it up together in the blender. Then, she puts the mushy mixture on her face for 20 minutes.

My review: I'm going to try this every day for two weeks. On day #1's application it feels slightly tingly, but I think that's because of the olive oil.

I have a bad history with DIY masks. Why? The stuff slides off my face (because I can't sit still) and it usually worsens my condition. So I'm taking a big risk and I really pray that it works this time!

I have trouble skin and I believe it's due to a lack of moisture. Something you might see me repeating is that I think all skin problems are due to dehydration. Why? Well, when the top layer of your skin becomes try, dies and often flakes, that dead layer of skin prevents sebum from escaping your skin (that's why exfoliation is so important). This results in blackheads, breakouts and excessive oil secretion. In other words, your body produces more oil to fight the dryness like when your body uses sweat to cool it down! It only seems logical, right? The beautician at my local spa agrees.

Now, I know there won't be any immediate difference and that little impatient me must understand that it will take time before I actually see significant results.

I think I waited for 30 minutes. Let's go was it off~ *sneaks off into the bathroom again* (Yes, it's dark outside. Yes, my mom would kill me if she knows what I'm doing - again. tehee)

The immediate results are pretty impressive, but the glow wears off after a few minutes. My skin feels less light and more elastic and nourished. I'll make a follow-up post to document the progress and to conclude my final verdict.

Until then, my dear readers!
Much love~ ♡

{Link to final verdict coming soon}


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