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Friday, 14 December 2012

[ART] School Projects

Hi, guise!

So you might have noticed that my previous Art post is no longer existent. I'm replacing it with a post with better photos! Again, I apologize that I'm not a professional and that these are done as school projects.

So first up is Candy Beach. I just dubbed it randomly tehee~
It's a surrealistic painting on a 1cm thick stretched canvas.


The next painting is also done on a stretched canvas with the theme of Identity. It depicts my room (as it actually is - perhaps a bit smaller obviously) and two girls that both resemble me. Although it seems pleasant and light, there is an underlying uneasiness. The girl at the front is staring wishfully out the window while the other is hiding behind her, glancing back at the door (which cannot be seen) and rests her hand on her friend's shoulder as if trying to warn her of whatever she is seeing. There are two objects that cannot be seen: the door (that symbolizes reality and responsibility) and the window (that symbolizes dreams and freedom). On the noticeboard are dates of tests and exams, emphasizing the stress of responsibility. My room is my territory - a safe harbor - but it is also my cage wherein the only friend I have is myself. I think all of us have felt this way at some stage.


Nishikigoi (the first painting I've given an official name) depicts an artistic nude and two koi fish. Nishikigoi is a type of koi that is bred for their colour. The nude is faceless and thus she is also merely bred for beauty like the koi. Koi fish also symbolizes perseverance.


Seoul Lights is probably the biggest painting I have at the moment. It depicts city lights like that of Seoul, South Korea's capital, on dreamy pink clouds with a pink sunset and tiny, ghost-like koi fish in the sky. It is a surrealistic painting, suggesting that Seoul is my dream city. Again, the koi resemble perseverance and determination. The fish also gives a soft, dream-like feel to the work.


The last painting I have that I can show you was a Consumerism project, but it ended up focussing on gender. So I dubbed it Genderism. Our art class had an inner joke that every art movement had "-ism" attached to it. Ahh~ good times ^^
This artwork is interactive. There's no top nor bottom. If you feel men are superior, you can put the chauvinist pig at the top. If you feel women should be superior, the horned marionette doll goes at the top.


That's all I have for now. I still have 3 more canvasses to fill, so please stay tuned!
What do you think of my school projects? I know there is still plenty to improve on, but I want to sell them - they're taking up a lot of space in my room. lol

Thanks for reading, guise!
Much love~