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Monday, 17 December 2012

{ Dear Diary } entry #1

Dear Diary (and lovely readers)!

Today is rather exciting. The person helping me establish my clothing line will come see my designs tonight and my eBay haul is marked as shipped (thank you, Mommy, for the wonderful Christmas present)!

ipetitpanda as a clothing brand
I'm a little nervous. I know South Africa will love my designs, because I love them, but will it really work? Will they sell? It almost seems too good to be true!
I'll post some draft drawings of my ideas a little later to see if there is a market for them. Please anticipate? ;D

My goal is to drift away from the mainstream boring clothing that are considered elegant and designer clothes that nobody really wears anyway, and present to you a fun, fresh and unique style that will be sure to bring you a lot of compliments and envious looks! ;3 I hope to do this at a low price that most of us can afford. My target audience would be all who loves cute and simple things, but mainly focusing on the little people - petite and short people (like me) who struggle to find things that fit their body and personality. I'd like to present to South Africa 3 Asian styles ~ FOB (refer to Ulzzang), Lolita and Visual Kei.

new upcoming haircut
Another upside for today is that I finally know what to do with my hair! I'm going to cut it in short, choppy layers with a thick side fringe and bangs on the sides. I doubt I have an oval face, maybe just a long one - so a fringe and some body on the side of my head would be ideal. Don't you think? The bangs are for hiding my puffy cheeks > n <
When I go for my haircut, I'll post before and afters as well as include some previous haircuts for you to compare. (:

weird osu music
You'll never guess what I'm listening to! It's too funny xD Listen!

You have to love this game ^^ tehehe

6 week skincare challenge
I'm trying to gather a few more people to participate in my challenge (and the Sasatinnie facial cleansing brushes to restock)! Too many people neglect their skin where I live and I want to teach them what I know so that they won't have an excuse to have horrible skin. I don't have perfect skin, but I'm working on it! (and I don't wanna do it alone!) I'm thinking of posting my presentations on here so that my international readers can also access them. Would you like that?

santa is real
I posted on Facebook a little note for Santa:

Dear Santa

No one believes in you anymore, but if you give me Hada Labo products for Christmas I'll believe in you again. Deal?

Your hopeful ally,

And my mommy changed her BBM display name to "Santa" and sent me a message that he (Santa) saw my Facebook post and that he will pick my package up in Asia if he sees I've been a good girl this year. At first I was like, "Who's this stalker?" and then I realised who it was and played along ^^
When my mom came home, she checked out my eBay cart and this morning they sent me an email that all the items are marked as shipped! I'm so excited to receive them and share my experience with them with you! I love my family ^^

art: past, present and future
So, you all know I was a High school art student (finished High school this year! ^^) and I'm trying to sell my school projects. I'm happy to announce that two of my paintings are already booked! One of my k-popper friends (she's from South Africa, but is currently residing in France) wants to buy Nishikigoi and my daddy said he'll buy Dream Seoul and perhaps my Identity project as well. My personal favourite is Candy Beach - I wonder why no one has placed an order for it.
Yes, the header is no typing error. I'm going to continue painting! I just need a large brush to coat the 3 canvases (the paintings I think failed horribly) with white PVA and then I can paint over them! I want to use the money I get from selling paintings to buy more canvasses and supplies so that I can paint some more and improve. Now that there's no pressure, I hope I'll improve faster and that I'll be able to paint as I'm capable of in my imagination/dreams soon!

Okii... I'll stop for now. Thank you for reading!
Everytime I see my blog has been viewed, I feel so happy! THank you for being so awesome and reading this!

Much love~

{PS. Please think of a new nickname? Something short and cute and fun to sign off with ^^ Thank you!}


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