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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Interview with Beauty Blogger Orenjji ✿

My latest bloggie friend, Orenjji, also agreed to fill out the interview survey. She recently started a new blog on blogspot which you can find in my sidebar. Have fun reading her answers!

1. What inspired you to become a beauty blogger?
It was when I was a junior high school student that I become active in participating in beauty forums and other related beauty pages. I was like a crazy fan back then searching on how to have milky skin like those Korean idols .
Then one day there was this 'girl' who posted on a forum and said " I really like Dara's skin soooo much! and I wish i was born with that kind of beauty but I'm ugly, I can't be like her I can't even afford to buy cosmetics BLAH LAH BLAH". I dont know if I should hate or feel sorry for what she said. From that day, I gathered all the informations I found in the internet starting from beauty tips, home made beauty recipes,DIY cosmetics and have them compiled in Microsoft Word. The next day, I told her to read the attached file that ive sent in her email. Unexpectedly after 2 weeks, I received an email from someone who i dont know. I read the whole message and was shocked to know that it was from the girl whom ive sent the file to. She told me that she's really thankful that I shared those informations to her and she even shared it to her classmates because everyone was like asking how did she manage to have a beautiful skin in just a week . I was so happy when i read her heart warming confession it was like earned someone's respect but what I didnt expect from her that she's planning to enroll to a beauty school :))))). Since I got inspired helping her to solve her dilemmas I created a beauty blog where ANYONE can look at my new found beauty experiments! ( I hope they will share their experiences--- it would mean a lot to me ^_^)
2. What does your blog do for you? Is there something you hope to achieve as a blogger?
This blog I made is like an online scrapbook or an e-diary for me where I can disclose all my everyday thoughts, It's not like that everyday i can share my thoughts to someone therefore i made this to share my knowldge and post anything random ;pp and when I get old I might visit this blog and will find myself reading it weeeeeeeeeeee (Isnt cute? :3).  Maybe the biggest achievement as a blogger is to receive positive feedback from your readers. It says that they are acknowledging your potential.
3. When did you start blogging?
I started blogging almost 2 years ago but let me tell you im still a noob (boooh!)

4. What would you recommend doing when starting a blog? And how does one gain traffic? Are there any other tips you could share?
When starting a blog, get a piece of paper first be a project manager for the mean time and bring out your IMAGINATION. Toss out any ideas you have there in your mind what do you want to be your blog like? What would be my first topic? How would you write your first post?Take note, planning is the key to success and failing to prepare is preparing to fail. As to how you can gain traffic, It all depends on your posts,how often you post and if they are worth reading for. Next, use the power of social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and etc. they are made to interact with other people so why not share it to your board and someone might read your post and bcme your avid fan! Lastly, this advice sounds like 'PROMOTING' yes you have to promote your blog by plugging yur post EVERYWHERE haha but atleast be reasonable put your posts to appropriate pages only.

5. What revolutionary product or skincare trick/tip helped you magically transform your skin?
magically transform your skin?
Ah~! Only 1 comes into my mind and that is........... BB Cream!
This is the only thing I can't go outside without applying this on my face (as long as they have sunscreens~!)

6.)What are your HG skincare products and why?
BB Cream ( I recommend Etude House, Skinfood, Skin 79 BB Creams~!) BB creams say everything why Koreans almost have "perfect skin"
Sunblock~! because they are skin savers from sun's harmful rays. Always wear sunblock/sunscreens even inside the house!

7. What are your favourite/HG makeup products and how do they help express your style/feelings?
BB creams again~! I always opt for a natural look i dont want to cake my face with powders which will just take too muc time for me to remove them so I must admit im really the lazy type person ;D
For special occassions, i sometimes do tightlining using eyeliners, glitter eyeliner on the inner lower lash line (put primer first~! glitters are small pieces of metals and can irritate your eyeballs) and lastly applying tint on my lips and do the ulzzang style!
8. What should every beauty blogger/beauty junkie know?
A beauty blogger should know how to enjoy sharing their knowledge & experiences to others (and that is always your job- share it!). There are no guidelines or limits as long as you are serious with th field that you are taking.
9. Lastly, but not least, what does beauty mean for you? What does it include, in your opinion, and how can it be defined?
Beauty is not always the physical appearance because true beauty comes from within learning to love who you are and what you are radiates the true beauty in you. :D
A very special, candy-coated thank you to all the bloggers I had the honor to interview! Thanks for your help and awesomeness! I hope there will be more interviews and combined posts in the future~