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Friday, 8 February 2013

Deep Cleanse facial and Alginate mask @ Bliss

Ahh~ Wow! (≧∇≦)/

I paid Bliss a visit today - it's the spa in the Neelsie at Stellenbosch University - and asked for a deep cleanse with Nimue products and an extra alginate mask.

The Deep Cleanse alone is R230 and it takes about an hour. The additional alginate mask is R70. Normally they would include a free brow shaping in all their facials, but I skipped that part because my brows are still fine.

This is Bliss from the outside. I love the Neelsie building - it's like a mini mall with a mini everything (cinema, pharmacy, grocery store... You name it)!

And this is the room they put me in. The dim light made me so sleepy! (=^〇^=)

I snapped a shot of some product stands too!

The beautician lady started by washing my face with what felt like a cleansing oil that I imagined was infused with fruit acids. After that she applied another cleanser or massage pack on my skin and massaged the product into my skin. It smelled so good! Almost like something edible now that I think about it. She massaged it into my neck, chest and shoulders as well, giving me goosebumps!  (*^ワ^*)
 I can't remember exactly what happened - I was dosing in and out of sleep and engaging in conversation - but there was steam and extractions thereafter at some point. After the extractions, she rewashed my face and applied some tea tree oil on my spots so they won't break out again. On top of that, she smeared on the alginate mask which felt pleasantly cold and luxuious! I think that's when I fell asleep tehee ⌒⌒*
The algi mask felt like a gel-like layer of plastic. When she peeled it off and showed it to me, it looked like an opaque rubber mask in the form of my face! It also had tiny craters in it where my imperfections were.  It looked pretty epic, though! I wish I could have taken a photo for you guise, but I was pinned to the bed with towels hehehe.
She topped it off with a mist, a moisturizer and lipgloss.

It was the best facial I've experienced so far!

Would I recommend Bliss as a spa?
Yes! The staff is friendly and helpful, there's a wide range of treatments they offer, and the treatments are cheaper than most spas'. They also offer a variety of facials. The one I asked for has to be repeated on a frequent basis for maximum results - thus I'd love to visit them at least once a month!

What is your favourite Spa and why?