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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Chinese Lantern Festival 2013

Hey, guise!

Remember that poster I put up here a while ago? Well, our little Lantern Festival was a huuuuge success! I took a few photos to show you. Hope you like them!

There's the "grand" entrance at the back. Sorry for all the random faces tehee...
The soup!  It was warm, sweet and spicy. I could taste a milky cheese, spinach (maybe), and then tiny pieces of noodles or butternut (not so sure, but it's probably the latter) and something spicy.
Rice and Chicken and Veggie stir fry. Laoshi Tan said it wasn't Chinese, but it was still delicious... RICEEEE!!!! 
One of the big red and gold lanterns that hung outside.
For some odd reason the "add caption" doesn't work, so.... Above is the view of the hall from where we sat outside. The music was really loud and we couldn't really hear eachother. lol
They played Gangnam Style as well hahahaha
Oh, and there were games like a chopstick race, a ping pong race, a pin-the-whatever-on-the-two-snakes, a knotting game and a few others. I won 2 games! The knotting one (Laoshi Tan gave me a read chinese knot! Yay! hehe) and the ping pong race (just got a Confuscious Institute balloon). It was fun! ^ u ^
This is Nina (and me), one of the members of my new best-friends-circle! Yeah... They still want to initiate me, but I already feel at home xD

Hehe anyway! Here's an extra image of one of the Chinese Corner workshops that was held before the Lantern Festival. We did knotting the day before, but I still have to finish mine. tehehee

Bai bai now! xx