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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

6 weeks to a New Skin!

Do you want to achieve baby-perfect skin without makeup or photoshop or surgery in just 6 weeks?
My 6 weeks of skin repair and habit reformation has been initiated! Finally... tehehee

A brief summary of what's going on:
Your body is constantly replacing cells. It takes 4 to 6 weeks to replace all your skin cells. New skin absorbs nutrients from skincare better and just looks much better too.  However, you can only achieve this if you take good care of it via the following aspects:

1) Diet
2) Skin care routines
3) Workout
4) A few extra stuffies

1) Diet

There are some vital concerns regarding the relationship between our skin and the food we eat (not to mention the actual food and their nutrient content). Your body uses the nutrients it absorbs from food for your main organs in order to survive. This means your skin is the last to recieve some nutrients for it to absorb and benefit from. So consuming enough nutrients is vital. With that said, we can move onto the next problem. Our food today is processed and/over overcooked, and even if you grow it yourself, the soil isn't as fertile as it should be. Therefore today's food contain more calories than actual nutrients. On top of that, our bodies need a variety of minerals and vitamins that it certainly won't get with only selected foods which doesn't (in the portions we eat it) provide us with the RDA% our bodies need. You would have to eat everything natural and consumeable under the sun three times a day! Imagine what your weight would be after that! *scary*
Ok, I think I mentioned "food" and "nutrients" about a hundred times... haha
This is why I trust Herbalife! *^^* No, I'm not marketing. I'm only telling you the truth. My mommy's team let me climb on some special scale and worked out my body fat % and all that. It turns out I need 44g of protein. Protein is important for cell regeneration.
So this is what my current daily diet looks like (without much reference to a time frame):
☆ 2L water (1L lemon juice, 500mL water and 500mL Herbalife Aloe Beverage)
☆ 2 Herbalife Protein Bars (chocolate and peanut)
☆ 1 Herbalife Express Bar (berries and yogurt or chocolate and honey)
☆ A fruit or two (preferably an apple or a mango)
☆ Dinner: A well-balanced meal - whatever my granny cooked (always delicious and healthy)! It basically consists of meat, veggies, potatoes and/or rice, and salad.
2) Skin Care Routines
source: http://xiaohuibaby.blogspot.com/2012/08/mentholatum-hada-labo-sha-review.html
Y'all know you have to wash your face twice a day, right? With that checked, here's my current night and morning skin care routines:
Morning Routine:
☆ Olive oil cleansing
☆ Splash of cold water
☆ Eye serum
☆ Hadalabo Gokujyun Lotion
☆ Herbalife Radiant C Booster (serum)
☆ Hadalabo Gokujyun Milk
☆ Sunblock (SPF50+) - I'm saving for Hadalabo's UV milk!
☆ Dab Vaseline on sores and scabs
Evening Routine (after shower):
☆ Hadalabo AHA & BHA Foamin cleanser with Sasatinnie Facial Cleansing Brush (every other day)
☆ Herbalife Nourifusion MultiVitamin Exfoliator (instead of abovementioned exfoliation)
☆ Aloe Vera ice massage
☆ Splash of cold water
☆ Eye serum
☆ Hadalabo Gokujyun Lotion
☆ Herbalife Radiant C Booster (serum)
☆ Hadalabo Gokujyun Milk
☆ Herbalife SkinActivator Collagen Night Cream
3) Workout:
I have to admit that I often skip this due to lack of time and... I need to stop giving excuses. You guise know how much I love Herbalife, so here's a short, easy workout that will have you sweating out impurities and toning your body in minutes! Oh, exercising also helps with blood circulation and helping your skin absorb oxygen. It's also necessary for a healthy and functioning thyroid. Let's begin! All credit for this video and workout plan goes to Herbalife and Samantha Clayton.
4) Extra stuff:
Your bodily skin, hair and nails are just as important! Here are some simple reminders of things you could do to better your overall natural appearance...
☆ Indulge in a bath every week. Add some herbs, essential oils, and/or kitchen consumeables into your hot bath. Some interesting ideas would be a Hydrotherapy bath which contains 1/2 cup Pure Aloe gel, 2L Fresh (preferably deepsea) Seawater and/or seaweed/kelp, 1/4 cup Deadsea Salts. Or perhaps try ading 2 to 4 Green Tea bags, 1/2 cup natural Lemon juice, and a few drops of your favourite essential oil(s).
☆ Treat your hair to a hair mask once a week. You can buy one at your local Clicks store or you could make your own out of Olive and Argan oils. You could use Sweet Almond and Sunflower oil as well. If you're brave, you could make an olive oil and avocado mix too!
☆ Body Buffers! Buffing your legs daily (or even weekly in that special bath) will make your skin baby-soft and smooth. It might prevent ingrown hair as well. Herbalife has a leg buffing scrub that I'm dying to try out!
☆ File your nails a teeny tiny bit once a week or every other week to ensure they won't chip, break or tear off. Remember the cuticle oil!
☆ Scrub your back once in a while to fight backne!! *grumble grumble* It might be helpful if you asked your mom or someone close to you to scrub your back for you.
☆ Also, perhaps the most important part... DON'T PICK AT YOUR FACE! kekeke
With that, I'm leaving you to draw your own conclusion. If you're going to join me on this quest for flawless skin, please comment below and let's motivate eachother to keep fighting!
Hope we all get magical results! 加油!