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Thursday, 4 April 2013


Good morning, my puffy marshmallows!

I know I haven't posted in a while and with the giveaway post, I thought I'd throw in some updates as well.

ipetitpanda giveaway:
My Valentine's Day giveaway has not yet been completed. I have a winner in mind - the person with the most valid entries - but haven't bought the things yet. I'll get around to that when I get my Birthday money. Sorry for any inconveniences caused!
Perhaps I should just host a Birthday giveaway instead. Few people joined the V-Day giveaway, so I doubt that will make anyone extremely furious. Perhaps I'll have one of the Sasatinnie brushes up for grabs this time. Would that be ok?  o u o

Work at Spa Marine:
On Tuesday I went to my first job EVER! I had to play receptionist from 8am to 5pm (at Spa Marine). I was so nervous about answering the phone! You may think, but being a receptionist is an easy small job. It's not! A receptionist is more than a person that records bookings - you have to be a good host. You have to be sparkling kind all the time and not laugh when a lady brings her dog with her (yes, that really happened)! You have to be professional and sincere, yet lighthearted and charming. They gave me some paperwork at first, but later I had no choice but to answer that dreaded phone. After my third call, I relaxed and saw it as a game of charm. Then it became super fun! ^ u ^
I'll be going back there during the Winter vacation and Saturdays when I can.

Peel and Heal:
I went for a RegimA peel and heal at Spa Marine and my skin texture improved A LOT! MY scars are also starting to fade quite rapidly. In other workds, I'm more perky than usual! Yay! hihihi
They also have specials and one of these is a Make-Over package - a full body scrub with Environ's Dermalac (fruit acids, aka: full body peel), Vitamins ACE oil massage, a quick fix Environ Facial and an express pedicure (cut and file and reflexology with a color varnish of your choice OR filing off dead skin on your heels). My mommy is going to book me a session like that for my Birthday! *can't wait*!!

Other specials include Teeth Whitening and Massages. Please don't be afraid to ask questions, but leave your email so I can contact you with the answers!

I have been promoted to Vice Captain in my favorite guild! The captain, also my Gaia mother, was away visiting her mom for Easter weekend. When she's away, the guild usually falls dead quiet, but I managed to get a few conversations and schemes going. So now I'm her lieutenant - one of my Gaia dreams! ^ w ^
Only problem now is that I've noticed just how dead the members really are. And my avatar still looks like crap... = . =

Oh, oops. This probably shouldn't have been the last update. Oh well~ Uni has been great so far. I see it as a game too tahahaha!
We had one week recess now and I still have some work to do. But all in all, it's been good sleeping late.

Time to hit the books now. Please forgive me for neglecting this blog! I'll make it up to you guise when I have time!!

Much love~