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Monday, 4 March 2013

Interview with Beauty Blogger Rindodo ✿

Rindodo at sparkleapple.blogspot.com agreed to answer some questions about beauty and starting/maintaining a blog! Here's what she has to say...

1. What inspired you to become a beauty blogger?
Nothing inspired me. ahaha..really, I just wanted to share my experience and opinion about specific beauty product, and that's all. I'm not fully categorized as a beauty blogger too since I seldom post about random things ^-^  I just love to talk, write, I love photography, and I want to share. I feel happy if anyone would find my post helpful for them.

2. What does your blog do for you? Is there something you hope to achieve as a blogger?
My blog feels like a home for me. I jot down my every thought there and I love blogging already~ because I'm currently sick, so I haven't been able to start working (full-time), though, I'm not 100% an unemployed bum. I do own an online shop. So half of it, blogging is a perfect way to kill boredom. fwee~~ Hmmm what I want to achieve, I just want to be a simple and honest blogger, I think that's all ;)

3. When did you start blogging?
Started blogging in 2010, I have TONS of blog before before moving to my current blog (sparkleapple). hope I can keep this one long enough, though, been wanting to change the url and my blog name x___x but idk, not too sure about that. sparkleapple started to sound boring, no? =x

4. What would you recommend doing when starting a blog? And how does one gain traffic? Are there any other tips you could share?
Actually I've never really become a blogger-traffic-maniac, I mean when I first started my blog at sparkleapple. I didn't even expect anyone to read my blog, lmao. But well, I gained many visitors (unique visitors, etc)  after a few good months of blogging. For those who want to gain more traffic, I really recommend reading about SEO. Other tips: quality is much more important than quantity, so a few good quality-thorough/detailed review is better than hundreds of crappy product review. Just make sure you put effort in every post and I'm quite sure people will notice your effort. Some might kind enough to even become a follower.

5. What revolutionary product or skincare trick/tip helped you magically transform your skin?
 My skin has always been in 'this' condition so there's nothing that really transform my skin.  by 'this', I meant: occassional acne, PMS breakouts, oily. I've lucky enough to have a comedo/blackhead free skins. My current biggest issue is the hormonal acne. as for the skincare routine, I've become a real slacker lately. haha... I used to spend more than 20minutes to take care of my skin every morning. but now, since my skin seems to dislike a 'complete' skincare line, I just wash my face (using clean pore brush) and skip the toner/moisturizer. I think the condition of our skin changes every now and then. The trick is to choose just a right product for your current skin condition. I'll soon switch to anti-acne product too, might be one from BRTC. Need to get rid of these annoying blemishes-soon~ *fingercrossed*

6. What are your HG skincare products and why?
All type of ampoule. My current favorite ampoule is the Stemcello Vit C serum. I have my own weird obsession to every ampoule type skincare, hahaha.
HG toner: Hadalabo shirojyun lotion/toner (colorant free, fragrance free, paraben free)
HG moisturizer: Mizon all in one snail cream (colorant free, fragrance free, paraben free)
HG lipcare: Lioele magic lip treatment

7. What are your favourite/HG makeup products and how do they help express your style/feelings?
BB Cream and lip tint! that's a staple in my make-up routine! hahaha...that two and only that. I don't feel like I need any other things though. I opted to look as natural as I could. And if you know me irl, I'm not a make-up type girl as I'm not wearing make-up in my daily basis. I only wear make-up like twice or thrice/week at the most.

8. What should every beauty blogger/beauty junkie know?
SEO perhaps? ahaha that's quite important but people tends to ignore this part. And then, maybe a little bit of basic photography. And of course, SELCAing skills! mwahahaha. Being vain is legit, lol~

9. Lastly, but not least, what does beauty mean for you? What does it include, in your opinion, and how can it be defined?
Beauty is a self happiness. at least that's for me. I wear make-up for myself, for my own complacence and satisfaction.

Thank you so much, Rindodo! You're a great bloggie rolemodel~ 
Hope this helped some of the newbie bloggers and beauty junkies out there! It sure has helped me hehehe *off to learn about SEO now*