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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Samples from HKC @ eBay

Hi, my beautiful readers!

As you might know, I've started university recently and it involves a lot of walking and outdoor exposure which means... SKIN TRAUMA!
Luckily one of my favourite eBay sellers included these samples for me with my BB cream purchase:

The first one I tried was for an emergency, and it was the Royal Honey Hydra Cream. It was a creamy white gel and I used it as a sleeping mask. It's extremely sticky, but it healed my small surface wounds and relieved the redness.

The second one, the sample that I truly love and MUST purchase the full version of, is the Deep Sea Water Multi Gel. With great hydrating and brightening powers, this product is perfect as a sleeping mask after a stuffy day or even a hydrating touch up during the course of the day.

Then there's the Egg White Pore foam... I hated this. It had more of a thick plastic feel to it than my other foam cleanser and it burned oh so much! My eyes! And it didn't wash out of my eyes very easily. It left a residue on my skin afterwards as well. I wanted to buy the mask of this range, but I'm scared now.

The last one is the Tony Moly cherry lip tint. I've wanted to try this for a long time! It's extremely pigmented and I still have to master the application of this one. It's really runny and smells a bit like alcohol (I assume that's what makes it a lip stain, right?), but I love the vivid, chirpy colour!

Please note this is only a mini review and if you have any questions please leave a comment with your twitter or email address. (I still can't reply to comments...)

Thanks for reading!


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