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Monday, 12 November 2012

[STORY] CYbot Model CY0330 Milu #chapter3

“Sweetie, I’m home!”
I didn’t budge. I was still doing my home work. My fingers were struggling to get used to roman letters again and it rendered me laughing every time I accidentally registered the words in hangul or hiragana and had to rewrite them. My book looked like a mess.
“Milu, are you home?”
“Yes, mom! Doing homework!” I called at the door. Papers rustled downstairs and a strange noise sounded, followed by a thump. My curiosity wouldn’t keep me seated much longer.
“Are you okay?” I decided to ask and rushed down. I still remember the last time she tripped and fell. There was red everywhere and I had to drive her to a hospital.
When I got to the bottom of the stairs, a bundle of white fur attacked me. When I finally got a hold of the creature without hurting it, I held it away from my face.
“What is it?”
“It’s a puppy,” Mrs Kim laughed, picking the boxes and papers that fell and placing them on the table.
“It’s a male puppy – just a little something to say sorry for this morning,” she smiled. It was the type of smile that offered a world of comfort and reassurance.
“Thank you, mommy.” I hugged her and the puppy tightly. “What shall we call him?”
“He’s yours, Milu,” she said, stroking my hair affectionately. “You can name him whatever you want, just remember to take him on walks and feed him everyday, all right?”
“I’ll call him Haru,” I decided, looking into the puppy’s fluffy face. I rushed him upstairs to my room, but stopped at the top of the stairs and turned to look back at my mom.
“Saranghaeyo, mama!”
She blinked in response.

I ran around for a while and constructed a tent of fleece blankets, pillows and newspapers for Haru. Luckily, my room was big enough for the both of us.


I struggled to concentrate for the remainder of that day. It was pathetic. The new girl was in every class I attended and she didn’t look at me even once. She worked really hard, I admire that of her. She really isn’t like the others. She doesn’t talk with the other girls when they talk about love and R rated matters. Her innocence is beautiful, but her seriousness and ambition ruins it. I wonder if she’s all that serious in person.

“Yo, Caine!” The ball hit me hard on the head.
“Watch it!” I yelled and the others start laughing. I kicked the ball into the air and held it there with my knee, then side-kicked it to Travis, who was holding his belly from laughing too much. It hit his hands, causing him to crash to the ground. I laughed at his shocked expression and chased after the soccer ball.
“Travis, take my right!”
“Gotcha!” Travis accepted the pass like a pro, dodged Tony and scored a goal.

“Okay, people! Go away, I want to go home,” the coach blew a whistle so that we all would hear him. He always had the most absurd ways of dismissing the practice sessions.

“Hey, Caine?” It was Travis. He threw me a towel that I hung around my neck as we walked back to the locker room.
“Are you going to the gymn now?”
“Man, I gotta catch up with some homework, dude. I’ll gym with you tomorrow?”
“Whatever, man,” Travis waved a hand in disappointed dismissal. I sighed. He was always like this. You’d think I would be used to it by now.
If he had to find out what I really do when I skip gymning sessions, he would be furious.

A few hours later.

“’Sup, guys!”
“Caine! So glad you came! We need more muscle in this... Whatever this is,” Roxxy said, adjusting some controls on her keyboard.
“Ha! Muscle?” I asked, somewhat embarrassed. “We’re a band, aren’t we? Where’s Adelle?” The crew’s smiles faded.
“She left for college today; becoming a chef, apparently,” came the reply. I was shocked.
“What about her singing career?” I protested helplessly.
“There’s no money in it,” Kevin, our guitarist, mocked in a high pitched voice. The rest frowned at him for his joke.
“Then we’ll just have to find a new lead,” I smiled. What else could I have said? I didn’t want to crush them.
“I’ll make flyers for auditions and post them up on the school’s bulletin board tomorrow,” Roxxy offered. “But for now, we practise! From the top!”
Kevin started with a comfortable melody, going from soft and when it reached the right volume, Roxxy tuned into it with the keyboard. The melody built to a climax that I carried out with my drums, giving the song an energetic feel.