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Friday, 9 November 2012

[STORY] CYbot Model CY0330 Milu #chapter1

I'm Milu and I've been in the program for 12 years. Within those years I earned 14 qualifications and relocated exactly 13 times. This time we moved to California, America. I am to attend a High school here under an alias, again. I'm starting to feel non-existent, despite the fact that the agency entrusts only me with certain missions. I received a call a few days ago. They sent me the code of a file - that's how I knew it was for me. It was from the CIA - their prints were everywhere. Because the USA supported my home country during the Korean War, how could I decline? I discussed it with my supervisor and we moved here.

"Morning, dear," Mrs Kim planted a kiss on my forehead and smiled warmly at me.
"Morning, mommy," I said and returned the smile. I can still remember how it used to make her cry. Mrs Kim couldn't have children and it broke her heart, so she asked me to be hers. It unsettled her at first, but as the time passed, I really became her daughter by heart.
"So who are you today?" she frowned at the paperwork that I printed out for her. It was the mission files.
"I'm Milu Kim - they figured it's already easy enough for foreigners to pronounce," I explained while making her some cereal. "I am to find a UK prince there. Name: Caine Windsor; Age: 18; likes: showing off his riches, being a snobby popular kid and being better at academics than everyone else..."
Mom laughed. "Is that what they said?"
"No, of course not," I giggled.
"Ahhh, Milu," she sighed,"sometimes I forget what you are - you're so good at being human, nobody would-"
She got cut off. Yeah, I knew I was good at acting. Was it acting? I did a charisma class a few years ago. Was it somehow imprinted in my memory or was it me?

"I'm sorry, hun," she said quickly, pressing me against her in a quick awkward hug.
I gave her a faint smile and went up to my room. I've already unpacked everything and it almost felt like home again. I grabbed my things for school and headed out.
"See you later!" I called over my shoulder.
"I love you!" I couldn't answer. Sure, I loved her too. She takes care of me and she's one of my only friends, but...
I can't help what I am. I swallowed and whistled a perky song to cheer me up. I need to bring on my A-game today.


"Morning class!" our teacher bellowed. He was a tall, chubby male in his late thirties. He took me by the shoulder and led me to the front of the classroom.
"We have a new student today..." He trailed off, so I decided to introduce myself. I was planning to be a bold person when the time needed me to be so and shy when I'm not in the spotlight. Or perhaps I should be whoever I feel like. At this moment I felt brand new - as if given a new, fun start. Would I make new friends? I hope so. Would I be popular? Well, yes. The mission required that of me.
"I'm Milu," I smiled sweetly, scanning my homeroom classmates. There he was - the handsome blonde prince that I had to observe. If it was only surveillance, then I shouldn't be too flashy to attract the wrong attention. Nobody should be compelled to check my background. I just needed to get close enough so that I could hang around him without being a stalker.
I took a seat at the back. Coincidentally, the prince sat two seats in front of me. He was staring absentmindedly out the window. He already began to irritate me. I suppose he thought he was the cat's whiskers. Of course he did.

The class erupted into chatter as I examined my class schedule. Apparently I had all the classes that the prince had - science, calculus, performing arts, and many more.

"Just so we're clear, new girl," a girly voice sounded beside me. I jumped with fright, causing them to snigger.
"We're the girls who get all the hot guys. We run the school. You are nothing but a number here, understand?"
"Well," I started, standing up. "Since you run the school and you're talking to me right now, that means I'm not just a number anymore. By the tone of your voice, I'm assuming that I'm a threat - which also means I won't be just a number from now on either. You may be all older than me, but that does not mean you are better than me in any way. Mind your own business and I'll mind mine. That way, we can all live happily ever after."
Her hand raised to slap me and I braced myself for the impact. At this stage, the entire class was silent, watching the little drama unfold. Her hand didn't come down. I opened my eyes and saw a back full in my face. It was, without a doubt, a male student. He was tall, as all foreigners were.

"Tricia, don't you know it's unlady-like to hit someone else? You don't want that type of image, now do you?" His voice was calm and I could hear his smirk as she turned around and marched herself and her army back to their seats.
"Are you okay?" He asked, looking back at me.
I nodded shyly and whispered a thank you.
"I'm Caine, by the way." I looked up, a little shocked. "And if they ever bother you again, you can call on me."
With that he left for the next class.

Objective Prologue © Copyrighted by Angelique Roux


Kyo said...

Yeaaa!! I'm digging it! Keep em coming lol:-D

Angelique Roux said...

@Kyo: I'm so glad you liked it! I will (: working on a chapter 2 right now! ;D