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Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Uh Oh!

Girls over-analyze everything. Or maybe it’s more of an introvert thing...
I’ve always hated getting butterflies in my stomach and then ended up hating the person who made me feel that way. Smart, eh?
It was pretty convenient at the time. To be completely honest, I’ve never actually dated a guy who made me feel that way and perhaps that is the reason I got bored of them eventually.
Anyway… When you meet a guy that gives you butterflies, you always replay the scene and contemplate over the possibilities if you would have done something differently. Well, I do.
I wouldn’t say I have an Asian fetish, because one has a fetish over inanimate objects, not people or a race. It is simply a preference. So, I went to a friend’s the other day and we got sushi. It was delicious, to say the least. The ingredients were fresh and so tender, but the chef… BUTTERFLY-ASSAULT! What do I do? No make-up and I didn’t even really bother with my appearance at all. I keep thinking what I would do if I had dressed up a bit…
I would have peeked over the counter and watched how he skilfully crafted perfect blocks of goodness and then ask him if he ever got hungry while making them. The only problem with my daydreaming is predicting how he would react! There were so many possibilities of what I could have done so that he would notice me and I want to slap myself for not making an effort in my presentation, and also for trying to act cool (but oh so shy) around him, appearing as if I didn’t notice him while sneaking a peak at him every chance I got. Ugh. I’m useless  > w <
At least I have his business' number now xD
Here’s a little something for those who support AM/WF relationships~

(Sorry! It doesn’t have English subtitles, but it’s still super cute even though you don’t understand what they’re saying ^^ )